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Extraordinary Humans: A creative approach to art in early years

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Nicola Hay



Nicola has recently retired from teaching to concentrate on writing. She has taught for over forty years in primary schools in the UK, the Middle East, and Jersey.

For the last eight years of her full-time career, she was head of Foundation Stage and teacher in charge of the nursery at Bel Royal School.

She is a passionate champion of the early years.


Jo is an art teacher. She is a practicing artist and lectured at art college before having her three children.

Jo and Nicola worked together at Bel Royal School Nursery.

She tailored projects for Nicola’s early years pupils from degree level work she had undertaken with students in sculpture, animation, and printmaking.

Jo is an avid reader and collector of children’s books.

Joanna Howell


Extraordinary Humans

A fabulous book for both practisers and parents

This book is so easy to read, filled with practical ideas and beautifully presented. A wealth of knowledge imparted. A must in every Nursery class. And great for parents too.

I strongly recommend this book. It explores everything that keeps you awake at night. We all hope to be the best practitioner, so, take some advice from forty years of experience, and develop your hopes and dreams.

Nicola Hay –

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EXTRAORDINARY HUMANS A creative approach to art in early years. Nicola Hay, Author & Educator