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April Blog 2023: The Photographs

April 17, 2023

 The Photographs

Yes, it is written! Book number two is on the way.


The new book is now with Sarah, the publisher.

The title: Extraordinary Humans: A creative Guide to Parenting.


We have been waiting, since Christmas, for warmer weather. We were lucky to find two bright and sunny April days for our photo shoots.


Daisy the photographer was poised with her camera as the models arrived.

Their ages ranged from three weeks to eighty-five years. The first shoot was at Maupertuis Farm in the morning, followed by a beach trip in the afternoon.

The following Saturday we had another morning shoot, this time at Jo Howell’s house. She kindly opened her doors to more models. Her interior design is sensational and will have the exact look we wish to create for the book.


I would like to send a huge thank-you to Daisy, Jo and all the models who participated in the creative process. Thank-you to Brian, Gwen and Claire for the smooth running of the morning.

I cannot wait to see the fabulous photographs.