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January Blog 2023: Intelligence.

January 9, 2023


Happy New Year 2023



There are nine different types of intelligence

Why are some children better at sports, or music or reading? It is simply because every child has their own set of talents, which develop at their own pace and in a way that is different from others.

What are these nine different intelligences and how do they present in a child?

  • Logical-mathematical intelligence:

Children are good at problem solving. They like doing puzzles, counting, calculations and playing games such as chess.

  • Linguistic intelligence:

These children love reading, talking, telling jokes, and writing poems. They enjoy playing word games.

  • Spatial intelligence:

This is about thinking in 3D. Reading maps, drawing, painting, solving mazes, playing construction.

  • Musical Intelligence:

Children with an innate ability to learn different sounds, an ability to sing, listen to music, play instruments, compose songs, and have a sense of rhythm.

  • Bodily-kinesthetics Intelligence:

The ability to use the whole body in the expression of ideas and feelings. These children will be good at dancing, acting, imitating gestures or expressions, playing sports, running, moving, and jumping.

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence:

These are children who know themselves best. They like to work independently and set their own goals. They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence:

These children are good talkers and at working with others.

  • Naturalistic intelligence:

Children exhibit these by enjoying activities such as camping, hiking, caring for animals and nature.

  • Emotional intelligence:

This intelligence covers all the other intelligences. It is the ability to recognize our own feelings and that of others.


It is important to encourage the child through their strengths. If we develop these first, a child will find enjoyment in learning and grow in confidence. The other areas can gradually be taught through the strengths.

Print Making - Illustrations by Joanna Howell