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July Blog 2024: Summer

July 2, 2024

July Blog 2024: Summer


Summer Holidays


The summer holidays will soon be upon us.


Your child might be organised for a summer club or staying with a carer while you work. Some of you might be fortunate enough to have a week or more at home with your child. Congratulations to those of you that have the whole holidays with your child.


Whatever your circumstances, trips and visits will need to be planned and organised.


Where to go and what to do?


Where can I go with my child?

Plan carefully, and think about how much time you have for your trip. Is it a weekend, a whole day, half a day, an hour? Often the simplest visits work out to be amazingly educational and memorable.

If you have the time, brilliant, go for a weekend or day out. Big cities, for example, have a host of sights. Remember your child may easily become exhausted. Don’t, in your excitement and with overzealous planning, pack in too much.

Visits are best if they are fun for adults and children. Children grow up so fast and will soon be teenagers. Teenagers are the masters at pouring scorn on your ideas, so make the most of the early years of childhood.

Outings can be stressful for both you and your child. Often, children just need to let off steam, discovering and exploring without behavioural restrictions.

Ideal places for this are beaches, woods, parks, castles, zoos, and safari parks. Children can be relaxed with little restricted behaviour.



Try to use your local area. Keep it simple and cheap. Where can we walk to from home?

The following are a few suggestions that come at a minimal cost.

  • Postbox
  • Laundrette
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Café
  • Park
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Bus ride
  • Train ride
  • Walk to look for print in the environment
  • Search for numbers and shapes in the environment
  • Go to the supermarket
  • Nature walks.

Activities at home

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Indoor picnic
  • Invite friends and family for a special themed event e.g. The Olympics, a summer party etc.
  • Build a camp
  • Playdates
  • Art activities
  • Organise some challenges your child can complete.

Not every minute of every day needs to be packed with activity. Involve friends and family.

 Remember boredom is good for creativity.


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