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June Blog 2023: Comedy and the Young Child

June 6, 2023

June Blog 2023: Comedy and the Young Child



Climbing trees- Illustrations by Joanna Howell 

The final of Britain’s Got Talent 2023 made me think how much we all need madness and humour in our lives.

Viggo Venn the Norwegian comic was crowned the winner with his madcap, infectious physical, slapstick comedy.

Sometimes it is hard to keep a realistic perspective on life when we are surrounded by bad news.

All children need to be encouraged to have a sense of fun, playfulness, and humour.


Babies develop responses to funny interactions, they are fascinated by people and eager to interact.

Early baby smiles can be deliberate smiles of contentment, they enjoy funny faces, tickling, peek-a-boo, and unusual voices.

By the age of two children can pretend and find humour in wrongness. E.g., Using a shoe as a phone, putting a box on your head, nonsense words, a dog saying moo.

By three years old children love naughty words and are beginning to understand tricks and puns.

Laughter is a social signal; it is used to establish and strengthen bonds between people.


The benefits of a sense of humour for our children:

  • Clear thinking. We are consciously aware of what is going on around us.


  • A positive effect on mood.


  • Learning is easier if it is made fun.


  • Helps to create friendships and builds social connections.


  • Teaches children to live healthy lives both mentally and physically.


  • Develops language and communication.


  • Early exposure to humour develops a sense of empathy.



Ideas to develop a sense of humour in your child:


  • Enjoy singing and listening to silly songs together


  • Read and share funny books and comics


  • Don’t forget poems for waggish, amusing humour


  • Dance to whimsical music e.g. The Birdies song


  • Encourage creative thinking


  • Tell jokes


  • Look for the funny in everyday situations


  • Include humour in daily routines


  • Laughing is infectious


Funny Books for 3–5-year-olds

  1. Dirty Bertie. Author David Roberts. Publisher Little Tiger Books
  2. Would you Rather. Author John Burningham. Publisher Penguin
  3. Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly. Author Nick Sharratt. Publisher Scholastic
  4. Aliens Love Underpants. Author Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Publisher Simon and Schuster.
  5. Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks: And Other Incredible Creature Features. Author Alex Morss, Sean Taylor. Publisher Welbeck Editions
  6. Pass the Jam Jim. Author Kaye Umansky, Margaret Chamberlain. Publisher Red Fox
  7. Funny Faces. Author Pat-a-Cake, Mojca Dolinar. Publisher Pat-a-Cake.
  8. We Found a Hat. Jon Klassen. Publisher Walker Books.
  9. You’re Called What? Kes Gray, Nikki Dyson. Publisher Macmillan.
  10. Chocolate Cake. Michael Rosen, Kevin Waldron. Publisher Puffin Books.




Congratulations to Beano’s Britain’s Funniest Class 2023. Year 5 from Greasley Beauvale Primary School.

Their winning joke…

“What happened to the maths teacher’s garden? It grew square roots”



Fun at our tea party





Fun at our tea party