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May 2024: Birthdays

May 8, 2024




Why do we celebrate birthdays?

  • The trend to celebrate birthdays, as we know it, started in Roman times.
  • It is so fabulous to be special for one day.
  • Who doesn’t love a present and a slice of cake?
  • Honour another year on planet earth.
  • Observe a milestone in someone’s life.


The importance of celebrating birthdays with young children


  • Children can be taught the concepts of growth, age, and time.
  • They are the centre of attention, and can enjoy the feelings of love and uniqueness, which develop and promote self-esteem.
  • It strengthens family relationships. Parties are a coming together to commemorate a special day. This creates connections for the child, developing social skills.
  • Using the same ritual every year will help to cement memories. With questions such as, do you remember when?

How are birthdays celebrated around the world?

Celebrations will be different in every house. Make them as quirky as you like.

But remember the importance is in building memories, and repeating the same traditions year after year.

Find inspiration from ideas used around the world:

What happens where?


Danish flags are flown outside the birthday child’s house. Their parents leave presents around the bed for when they wake up. The birthday cake is either a man or woman. The head is the first part of the cake to be eaten!


Here the birthday child has their ear pulled for each year of life.


The sweet filled, colourful pinatas are beaten with a stick to release the treats.


For many in Australia Fairy Bread is synonymous with birthdays. Fairy bread, is simply sliced white bread spread with butter and covered with multi-coloured hundreds and thousands.

It is then typically cut into triangles.

The Montessori School Birthday Ritual

What happens in a Montessori School, might be something you want to adopt at home.

  • Take a new photograph on each birthday.
  • A candle represents the sun, a globe represents the earth and photographs tell the story of your child’s life to date.
  • Put the candle in the middle of a circle and light it. Tell the child it represents the sun, and the globe represents the earth.
  • The earth goes around the sun, which takes a whole year.
  • The birthday child walks slowly around the circle for each year of their life.
  • You can make a commentary about each year of their life as they walk around the circle.
  • Sing Happy Birthday and share their life photographs when they have finished.