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November Blog 2022: Self-Regulation.

November 8, 2022

Self- Regulation

Cooking with Apples


What is this and why it is important?


Self-regulation is about managing thoughts and feelings to enable children to socialize with others and achieve their goals. If you instil in your child self-regulation, then management and discipline will be much easier for you.


A child with good self-regulation displays the following characteristics:


  • Listening


  • Can focus and shift attention


  • Cooperates with others and can take turns


  • Asks for help


  • Shows kindness


  • Controls their temper in conflict


  • Follows directions and rules


How does self-regulation develop?


It is like all other skills and can be taught. Learning to self-regulate should be supported by adults.


Adults must model self-control and self-regulation in words and actions.


Keep a structured and predictable routine. Children that display problems with self-regulation are internally unstructured.


Keep your environment calm. Allow children plenty of exercise and outdoor play.


It is essential for children to have peaceful activities: For example relaxation and yoga routinely.


Without security as a background to his life he cannot dare to explore or experiment, to express his feelings or to try out new relations to people.


Susan Isaac. Educational pioneer (1952).



Cooking with Apples
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