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November Blog 2021: Nursery Organization.

November 14, 2021

Nursery Organization

A nursery should show only child generated mess each day. All adult clutter should be cleared away and not left on display. Continuous provision should have open ended resources. These resources should encourage creative and critical thinking, as well as imagination. With effective provision, we must consider basic provision, continuous provision, and enhanced provision.

The atmosphere must be relaxed with many conversations and pleasant social interactions. It is important for staff and children to feel at home in a setting.

The flexible environment with room for initiative, must give children the freedom of movement. Child senses can only be educated in action.

A balance between home and a workshop or studio atmosphere is ideal. It is so important to consider lighting, wall colours and movement flow. Fresh flowers and plants are essential for well being.

Hygiene is very important. Especially since the arrival of COVID. Child must be taught about the importance of hygiene, germs, and self-care. Handwashing, toileting, and nose blowing. Many children are not taught this at home anymore.

An enriched environment can offer the children opportunities to explore reality.

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