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October Blog 2021: Real Things.

October 15, 2021

Real Things

Autumn is a fabulous time of the year to use real things in Nursery. We must use the abundance of natural resources that will excite, inspire, arouse curiosity, and provoke conversations.

Chestnuts, conkers, blackberries, acorns, apples, feathers, squashes, pumpkins, gourds, sycamore helicopters, leaves, pears, and peaches, to name a few. These are free resources, so get collecting.

Do not take chestnuts and conkers out of their shells too quickly. Children need to explore these and find out for themselves. Awe and wonder are key.

A Nursery bulging with plastic resources is not enticing.

  • Why are children only given plastic crockery? You will be surprised how few breakages we had, using only china crockery. Give children the responsibility of stacking the dishwasher. Kitchens do not have to be no go areas for children. Make sure they are safe, and follow your health and safety guidelines. These are excellent learning resources for children.
  • Wooden mortar and pestles, and small glass jars for mixing potions are brilliant. Use fresh or dried herbs, rose petals and spices.
  • Children must be taught the skills to use safety knives to chop their own fruit, cheese, and vegetables on chopping boards for their snack, or for cooking.
  • Children must be able to source their own equipment to cook, whenever they want. Have a dedicated place to keep the neccessary resources. Teach the children the skills to use these.
  • Equip your water tray with different kinds of brass or metal containers for pouring and measuring. Remembering different sizes and weights of containers.
  • Weighing and measuring can easily be sourced by using real things: e.g., Conkers, rice, and pasta.
  • Have a permanent nature table. This is a fabulous teaching resource because it can change with the seasons.


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