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September Blog 2021: It’s the exciting start of the school year.

September 7, 2021

September Blog 2021

It’s the exciting start of the school year. New relationships with staff, children and parents need to be forged, with skill and patience.

September planning

A plan is essential. Get your thoughts and ideas down on paper.

Where do you start?

  • Look at the whole year.
  • What are your priorities?
  • Training? What do I need? What do the staff need?
  • Make sure you and the team have read and reread the updated Development Matters.
  • Don’t forget to write a list for parents of everything they need to remember and hand out term dates in advance.

Whatever you do… make it manageable.


A unique child


Positive relationships


Enabling environments


Learning development

The Nursery Environment

This is a great starting point for September. If you get it right it won’t be a worry the whole year. It will only need to be tweaked.

A nursery should only show child-generated mess each day, all adult clutter must be cleared away and not left on display. Continuous provision should have open ended resources that encourage creative and critical thinking as well as imagination. With effective provision we must consider basic provision, continuous provision, and enhanced provision.

The flexible environment with room for initiative, must give children the freedom of movement, as child senses can only be educated in action.

A balance between a home and workshop atmosphere is ideal, with thought to wall colours and fresh flowers. A neutral wall covering of hessian is great, as this can stay up all year. A ribbon boarder lasts well and gives a softer effect than paper or card.

The atmosphere must be relaxed with many conversations and pleasant social interactions. It is important for children and staff to feel at home in a setting.

An enriched environment can offer the children opportunities to explore reality.

A nature table can contain every sort of wonders.

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